Untangle Firewall

Untangle is an innovator in cybersecurity products designed specifically for the below-enterprise market, safeguarding businesses, home offices, nonprofits, schools and governmental organizations. Untangle’s integrated suite of software and appliances provides enterprise-grade capabilities and consumer-oriented simplicity to organizations with limited IT resources. Untangle’s award-winning network security solutions are trusted by over 40,000 customers around the world. Untangle is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Services: Network security software and appliances for small and medium business (SMB), education, nonprofit organizations and state and local government

Is Untangle right for you?

Easily deploy and manage Internet access that is cost-effective for free users, and profitable for paid users

Captive portal to identify every user and their network access level

Unique and granular policies with Active Directory/LDAP integration for tiered service levels and organizational departments

Prevent network slowdowns caused by any individual or group of users and applications

Provide optimal QoS for in-room technologies such as VoIP, VOD, IPTV & VPN

Optimized bandwidth for mission-critical back-office applications (reservation and administration tools, POS, etc.)

Web caching for frequently accessed IP-based content

Stops malware before it can enter your network

Helps meet PCI DSS requirements

Layer 7 application awareness to identify all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination

Compliance, Secure Data & Affordability In One

Financial institutions are seeing an unprecedented increase in network attacks. Cyber-criminals capable of evading legacy security solutions are focusing on the financial industry and the treasure trove of information it holds. To combat this, network administrators must upgrade to next-generation firewalls and other appliances that are comprehensive and cost-effective. Protecting sensitive client data is just one issue in an industry where time is money. Ensuring speedy access to business-critical applications is just as important. Additionally, companies must comply with regulation including SOX, FINRA, GLB, and PCI DSS.

Untangle gives financial institutions everything they need in one powerful, affordable solution. Client data is safe, access to business-critical data is immediate, and satisfying compliance standards is simple.

Securing the Distributed Enterprise with Cloud-Managed Solutions

The challenges of network security for a single office location are magnified for distributed organizations. With more than 1.6 million branch offices in the U.S. alone, companies spend a combined $10 billion per year on branch networking solutions. From franchises to retail locations, headquarters to remote workers, the edge of network is a diverse patchwork of possible attack surfaces.

Untangle simplifies network security and internet connectivity across distributed organizations. NG Firewall and Command Center can help companies address security, bandwidth utilization, application performance, centralized management—all while controlling costs.


Enabling Compliance with Secured Data

Electronic Health Records (EHR) mandates are driving the adoption of connected devices at healthcare providers. Healthcare providers, organizations, and data warehouses must tightly control and secure patient health information (PHI) to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance. More devices on the network can also cause unpredictable spikes in traffic that limit mission-critical applications sending and receiving data.

Untangle enables the healthcare industry to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant with granular controls over who has access to what data, and includes built-in security to prevent data breaches and other headaches caused by malware. When every second counts, medical staff needs to feel confident that critical information will be available at their fingertips.

Balancing Security with Controlled Access

College students are bringing more connected devices on campus than ever before, using them to access more web-based applications and high-definition content every day. Their mobile, digital lifestyle has led to unpredictable spikes in network traffic that can bring school networks to a crawl at any given time. Attempts to solve the problem with expensive bandwidth upgrades have only led to increased bandwidth usage by students.

To get insatiable bandwidth usage under control, Untangle enables network administrators to prioritize access to online school systems and educational content, while controlling the delivery of entertainment and recreational content—some of which can not only introduce liability from illegal downloads, but also carry malware payloads. Students, staff and guests are protected from online threats, ensuring a secure and reliable internet connection for all users campus-wide.

Providing a High Level of Service Cost-Effectively

Wi-Fi is now the top amenity customers want. It’s mandatory for businesses to provide a high level of service cost-effectively. While most hospitality organizations have deployed Wi-Fi, having it available is just the first step. Ensuring a secure and reliable Internet connection for all users is the real difference between Wi-Fi being a success or failure.

With Untangle, providing a secure and reliable wireless connection is simple and the benefits are clear. Customers will have the convenience to safely go online wherever they are located on the property. Basic Internet access can be provided for free, and if higher bandwidth is needed, tiered service offerings can be made available. For back-office operations, businesses can prioritize Internet traffic for reservation systems, administration tools, point-of-sale and more to provide a high level of service regardless of where the transaction occurs.

Providing Powerful and Affordable Solutions

Nonprofits face many of the same challenges as for-profit businesses, such as securing their networks and data while keeping their staff safe and productive. But often, nonprofits have tighter operational budgets and even fewer resources to deal with IT infrastructure, online security, and secure data issues.

To make sure that network security doesn’t take a backseat to other budget needs, Untangle provides nonprofit organizations with the same powerful, easy-to-use solutions that it sells to businesses, but with special pricing to fit those tighter budgets.

Network Security Simplified



Managing your network and ensuring every device is adequately protected can be a complex and costly task. Untangle NG Firewall simplifies network security with a single, modular, software platform designed to fit the evolving needs of your organization.

Designed specifically for organizations with limited IT resources and budgets, NG Firewall provides a browser-based, responsive and intuitive interface enabling you to quickly gain visibility into the traffic on the network. From content filtering to advanced threat protection, VPN connectivity to application-based shaping for bandwidth optimization, NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade network security platform for organizations in any industry.

Security, Visibility & Control

Comprehensive Security at the Gateway

Proactively stop malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes and other threats before they reach users’ devices.

Next-Generation Filtering

Get a handle on every rogue application, encrypted web request, malware distribution point, drive-by malvertising attempt, and rash of spam.

Deep Analysis and Insights

Gain insights in real time from database-driven reports without the need for a separate appliance. See the network status at a glance on the dashboard, ensure compliance with full event logs, and get notifications of network anomalies or unusual user behavior with alert rules.

Superior Connectivity & Perfomance

Meet the challenges of a remote workforce, branch offices and guest Wi-Fi. Keep users and data safe regardless of location or level of access. Balance competing priorities, ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and maximize uptime while saving the organization money.

Network Orchestration

Untangle Command Center gives you visibility into all of your NG Firewall deployments and the ability to access them remotely from a single login and central management view. Zero touch provisioning makes it easy to deploy appliances without physical access. Configure and push policy templates, create global alerts, view real-time information on hosts, and initiate an endpoint security scan.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

ScoutIQ™ cyber threat intelligence aggregates anonymous telemetry information across files, URLs, and IPs observed across NG Firewall deployments and performs detailed threat analyses across all traffic types seen on today’s networks, providing a second layer of defense and superior protection against unknown and emerging threats.

Simply Powerful Network Security

How It Works

These screenshots show the interface of NG Firewall in action.
The Reports navigation makes it easy to find the information you need. View individual reports and navigate through the Reports app on a tablet or phone.